Smart Tech Entering Homes Quickly

The smart tech revolution is gaining speed and with 5G around the corner in 2020 the game changes.

All new buildings will be smart buildings and the IOT will take off like a rocket ship in 2020 when 5G arrives. IOT ( internet of things) will have simple mobile phone sim cards for transferring data into a cloud based platform that will collect in real time. THe cost of the old way of IOT will be shattered as 5G is a wireless and fast. No cables or wifi system to one module and then entering into a platform.

This cost will be substantially lower for retrospective installation in older buildings. As older building are though of as uneconomical with age retrofitting these will be very easy and cost efficient when 5G arrives.

But what about the humble home or apartment we live in? Jll have written a great Article about innovation in the home. Yes your fridge can order Milk Yawn!!

JLL give a thoughtful insight into the home. Have a read.

Ian Mcleod